Investment Philosophy

We deal with people who neither have the time or inclination to manage their own investments who want to outsource to someone that can do it for them.

No one can predict the future.  Our philosophy is to bring together the best global asset managers’ investment capabilities across a broad range of investments along with the tremendous tax benefits of either investing onshore or offshore.  Funds divided tax efficiently between spouses, children and civil partners, to utilise all their unused personal allowances is an ideal way to mitigate and potentially reduce the future rates of income, IHT and capital gains tax suffered. 

Investment Team

Our skill is to create for our clients’ investments built around our common sense investment principles that can perform in different market conditions, to deliver capital growth or as an example, a rising income, by investing in unrestricted companies funds from around the world and the case for global equity investing is compelling. These companies’ funds have consistently grown wherever they are in the world, which has generally provided excellent returns over the longer term.

“There are two kinds of forecasters: those who don’t know, and those who don’t know they don’t know.” JK Galbraith, economist and diplomat

Is your current portfolio positioned for the past or the future?

The facts are no single market or sector will always outperform, no single fund manager can outperform in all market conditions. Fund managers have different investment approaches and expertise that suit different markets and asset classes. Asset managers do not want you to know that no one individual or firm is good at everything. Individual portfolio managers change roles and companies regularly. Is your asset manager about to merge or be sold or your fund manager happy or currently looking for another job?

What’s inside your funds and portfolio is only half the story, what’s outside is just as important.

Investment Philosophy

We believe in incorporating the many advantages of letting go traditional biases investing in both onshore and offshore global funds. Investment philosophy is customer service driven, we take personal pride with how Tingley and Cooper considers all client’s assets, with an over-arching view. Investments are independently assessed and professionally managed with proactive regular reviews which are integral components of the service we provide. Our recommended portfolios will have access to tax planning, different fund management styles and management groups whilst incorporating exposure to both onshore and offshore funds, different asset classes, tailored to personalize, portfolio risk profiles and objectives.

We welcome clients who want to be informed and we are confident about the quality of our independent, free from any restrictions advice. To back this up, give you peace of mind, we can organise for new clients to speak to any of our clients at random direct to confirm these facts. We are happy to arrange a meeting without any obligation, on both parties.

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