Ethical Investment

Tingley and Cooper advise on ethical portfolios, each and every fund is individually tailored to meet clients specific ethical criteria`s and attitude to investment risk.

We take personal pride in all client’s ethical views and funds, we take an overall view, investments in different asset classes are independently assessed and professionally managed with regular reviews & proactive guidance. In addition portfolio`s will have access to tax planning, different fund management styles & management groups whilst incorporating exposure to both onshore, offshore and pension funds tailored to personalise clients risk profiles, ethical criteria and objectives, incorporating capital gains tax mitigation and inheritance tax planning.

Ethical Funds typically focus on companies providing solutions to environmental and social problems. Companies must meet strict investment and an environmental criterion, which includes a range of ethical restrictions; invest worldwide in companies that demonstrate a positive commitment to the long-term protection of the environment.

The three key areas are; infrastructure, resource efficiency and demographics; and the portfolio tend to hold businesses from across a number of industries.

As an increasing global population continues to use up finite resources with a number of factors such as natural resource scarcity, pollution, energy supply and climate change will impact the pace and extent of global growth, businesses that provide solutions to these issues is essentially an investment in the long-term structural development of the global economy. This provides a deep investment universe underpinned by several key areas:

•Infrastructure: Companies which own or develop low environmental impact infrastructure in areas such as alternative energy, pollution abatement, waste management, utilities and transportation networks.

•Resource efficiency: Companies which provide technologies, products and services aimed at improving the efficiency and long-term environmental impact of natural resources and energy.

•Demographics: Companies which provide technology, products and services which enhance human well-being, consumer choice, communication and transportation whilst minimising environmental impacts. This represents an exciting and diversified long-term opportunity to invest in some of the most forward-thinking and innovative companies in the world.

Responsible investing Increasing numbers of companies are embedding corporate responsibility into their cultures. CSR is often considered to be ‘Green wash’, many companies will say they are doing it but often it adds little and does not make then ethical.

As well as investing in companies that provide environmental benefits with their goods and services, we look for companies which show outstanding practices amongst their industry peers in terms of corporate responsibility. These companies have excellent policies, processes or performance and are effectively managing the environmental and social impacts of their activities in a responsible manner. Some companies may operate in sectors with potentially high environmental and social impacts such as resources, which include mining and oil and gas businesses.

Also typically has considerable exposure to environmental solutions businesses which are involved in the areas described within environmental investing.

Environmental and responsible approval

In addition, where appropriate, each holding is assessed by d Governance Team who takes a proactive approach to environmental, social and governance research. They monitor each stock’s ethical and environmental performance to ensure it fits within the Funds’ individual screening criteria.

Companies involved in the following activities may not be eligible for investment*.

Armaments: Companies that manufacture or sell armaments

Alcoholic drinks: Companies that manufacture or sell alcoholic drinks

Tobacco: Companies that manufacture or sell tobacco products

Pornography: Companies that publish print or distribute pornography

Nuclear power: Companies that generate nuclear power or build nuclear power plants

Gambling: Companies that operate betting or gambling facilities

A company that derives over 10% of its turnover from any one of these activities will not be invested in.

In addition, we avoid companies that conduct or commission animal testing for cosmetic or toiletry purposes. We also pay particular attention to issues such as sustainable sourcing of food and biotechnologies.

We are independent whole of market advisers and free from all kinds of influence; not bound by any kind of agreement with any product provider, 22 years’ experience incorporating the many advantages of letting go traditional biases investing in both onshore and offshore global funds incorporating tax planning advice and benefits, working in conjunction with you on this subject is of paramount importance when considering ethical onshore or offshore funds.

We welcome clients who want to be informed and we are confident about the quality of our independent, free from any restrictions ethical advice. To back this up, give you peace of mind, we can organise for new clients to speak to any of our clients at random direct to confirm these facts. We are happy to arrange a meeting without any obligation, for both parties.

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