Tingley and Cooper – Code of Conduct & Ethics

1. Our Company will act honestly and fairly at all times when dealing with clients including acting in the best interest of each client.

2. Our Company will act with integrity to ensure we fulfil our responsibilities in our appointment and to seek to avoid any acts or admissions or practices that damage the reputation of our organisation and financial services industry.

3. Our Company will observe the law regulations and professional conduct standards when carrying out our financial services activates.

4. Our Company will observe the standards of market integrity good practice and conduct required or expected of the participants in markets when engaging in any form of market dealings and fund switches.

5. Our Company will advise you, manage fairly and effectively highlighting to the best of our ability any relevant conflict of interest.

6. Our Company will attain and actively manage a level of professional competence appropriate to our responsibilities and commit to continue learning to ensure the currency of knowledge skills and expertise.

7. Our Company will decline any engagement for which we are not competent unless the company has access to advice and assistance that will enable us to carry out the work competently.

8. Our Company will uphold the highest personal professional standards.

Tingley & Cooper Ltd corporate Code of Conduct

Comply with laws, regulations and group standards and understand that we are individually responsible for complying with the spirit, not just the letter, of laws, regulations and company standards.

Code of Conduct

These principles are very important and an integral part of our Tingley & Cooper business:

1. We will act with Integrity at all times in the best interests of our clients

2. We will act with skill, care and diligence with all customers

3. Management and controls of Tingley & Cooper, will incorporate the organisation and rigorous controls of its responsibilities, efficiently whilst maintaining its risk management systems at all times together with adequate financial resources.

4. Tingley & Cooper will maintain adequate financial resources at all times and in addition will set up and a contingency account.

5. Tingley & Cooper confirm that it is highly unlikely that there will be market conduct issues, as we are totally independent, we do not have any of our own funds, we do not have any contractual ties to providers also we are not stockbrokers and in addition we do not handle clients money.

6. Our firm will look after our clients and customers interests and treat them fairly at all times.

7. Tingley & Cooper will ensure that all information and communications to our clients and customers will be clear, fair and not misleading.

8. As Tingley & Cooper the directors and management confirm there will be no conflicts of interest or contracts that influence our ability to act in the best interests of our clients and customers at all times. This is paramount and enshrined in our firm’s culture ethics and beliefs. We are whole of market and totally independent financial advisers.

9. Our firm will take reasonable care to ensure that the suitability of our advice and any discretionary decisions for and on behalf of our clients and customers who are entitled to rely upon our judgement at all times

10. Tingley & Cooper do not handle clients money, however, we will ensure the protection of all clients assets and documentation at all times.

11. Tingley & Cooper directors/management will deal with all the regulators always in an open and co-operative way and disclose anything relating to our firm which all regulators would require and reasonably expect. In addition, to observe applicable law regulations and professional conduct standards when carrying out our financial services activities, at all times.

We also subscribe to both the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and Institute of Financial Planning’s (IFP) codes of conduct.

We will:

1. Help you to the best of our ability.

2. Not take advantage of your inexperience.

3. Communicate as clearly as we can, and try always to be in good time.

4. Give you all the information you need to reach a sound decision.

5. Correct as swiftly as possible any mistakes of our own.

6. Be considerate when others make mistakes.

7. Give you what you pay for.

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We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our regulated activities comprise advising on and arranging investments. Our Financial Services Register number is 583160. You can check this on the FCA Register by visiting their website at https://register.fca.org.uk/