jonathan cooper 1Jonathan Cooper, Co-Founder of Tingley and Cooper, Head of Investment Research

Jonathan has lived and worked in New York, Paris, Milan, Bologna and Dusseldorf. He has over 25 years’ experience working in the financial services sector with Chase de Vere investments PLC, Charcoal Holden Meehan, Web FS/Brewers and Merlin, specialising in investments, in both private and corporate clients on all aspects of holistic financial planning, asset management, CGT mitigation, retirement and inheritance tax planning.

He has regular face to face meetings with the top fund managers and investment houses.  This gives him unparalleled access to them on a personal and professional level, all without any bias, based on openness and frank speaking.  We do not recommend any funds unless they have been independently rated and are free from all kinds of influence and are not bound by any kind of agreement with any asset managers or provider.

No one can predict the future.  Our philosophy is to bring together the best global asset managers investment capabilities across a broad range of investments along with the tremendous tax benefits of either investing onshore or offshore.